Aluminum Belly Couscoussier Non-Stick Cooking Steamer Pot

  • VERSATILE – Compatible with various heat sources: Gas, Electric, Halogen, Induction!
  • DESIGN – High Dome tempered glass lid allows to cook larger food contents at one time!
  • DIVIDER / DUAL SIDE – Allows for TWO users to cook separate food contents at the same time!
  • HIGH THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY – You can cook quickly with high heat conductivity by the exterior die casting!
  • EASY & CONVENIENT – Interior and exterior ceramic coating makes it very easy and convenient to clean!

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ø20*15cm,   steamer height is 7cm, capacity 4L

ø22*17.5cm, steamer height is 8cm, capacity 6L

ø24*18.5cm, steamer height is 9cm, capacity 8L

ø26*19.5cm, steamer height is 10cm, capacity 10L

ø28*20.5cm, steamer height is 10cm, capacity 12L

ø30*21.5cm,  steamer height is 10cm, capacity 15L