Cast Aluminum Tagine Cooking Pot 28cm, 32cm

  1. MATERIAL: Cast aluminium
  2. NONSTICK MULTIFUNCTIONAL PAN: Non-stick coating technology applied on the tagine which enables it not only to deliver traditional Moroccan style dishes, but also to serve as a casserole, stewing pot, saute pan or even a frying pan. EASY TO CLEAN.
  3. The induction bottom could be used on all stove cookers and hobs: gas, halogen, ceramic and electric stoves. Dishwasher safe.
  4. ANTI-SCALDING DESIGN: The knob and the handles are made of bakelite to prevent scalding.  

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The traditional Tagine pot Moroccan is a fantastic cooker to cook food tenderly and brings out its natural flavors with its special structure. The rising steam condenses on the cone-shaped lid and drops back onto the food gently to help boost the taste of the food cooked. Less seasonings needed. 

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