Hammered Cookware Set

High Quality Hammered Cookware Set For Sale China Supplier


1, Exhibits an exterior of hammered look, gorgeous blue color, beautiful and luxuriant appearance.
2, The granite coating do a good job in preventing food from sticking.
3, Professional grade PFOA-free nonstick.
4, Heat quickly and evenly suitable for using on all cooktops.
5, Solid Handles designed to provide a safe and solid grip and stay cool on the stove.
6, Easy to clean immediately, dishwash safe.

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Fry pan
Item No. Size
GD-JP1320 Ø20cm
GD-JP1324 Ø24cm
GD-JP1328 Ø28cm
Item No. Size Capacity
GD-TG1320 Ø20cm 3.0L
GD-TG1324 Ø24cm 4.8L
GD-TG1328 Ø28cm 9.0L
Shallow Casserole
Item No. Size
GD-QT1324 Ø24cm
GD-QT1328 Ø28cm
Item No. Size Capacity
GD-TG1316 Ø16cm 1.5L
GD-TG1318 Ø18cm 1.8L
GD-TG1320 Ø20cm 3.0L

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