Micro Pressure Wok

Cheap Micro Pressure Wok For Sale China Wholesale

1, Multifunctional Wok Pan: The nonstick wok is suitable for Deep Fried, Light Pressure cooking, Steam, Boil, Decoct, Grill, Stir and Hotpot.
2, Preheat Function: The front end of the long handle is a temperature indicator. The cold pot is red in front, red change after heating. Oil temperature ≥150℃ will change to white.
3, Save Cooking Time: The micro pressure valve will speed up as much as 40%-50% compare to ordinary lodge wok , great for saving cooking time during your busy schedule.
4, Vertical Silicone Glass Lid: It has a good safety fit and will not slip when transferred. seals in the flavor and nutrients for a healthier and better tasting food. 
5, Detachable Handle & Easy Storage. 

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Item No. Size Height Capacity
GD-CG3011 Ø30cm 11cm 5.2L/5.5QT
GD-CG3211 Ø32cm 11cm 6.3L/6.6QT
GD-CG3411 Ø34cm 11m 6.8L/7.20QT

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